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Our Work

JFK Files

JFK Files takes complex files including photos, handwriting, government documents and more – then uses Cognitive Search to extract information.


Sketch2code uses AI to convert handwritten drawings to working HTML prototypes.

Microsoft Hardware Experience

How to showcase hardware during online events.

Talent Performance Solution

Transform Teaching sport business with Mixed reality and AI.

Maturity Tool

Maturity tool to measuring product adoption, capabilities, and value realization across the organization.

Transform Customer Experience with Data & AI

Transform your marketplace, increase effective cross-selling strategies.

Van Arsdel Inventory 

Visibility of products, tracking the ins and outs of the manufacturing processes from products coming in, to production and distribution. 

Mixed Reality - Studios Tour

Changing how movie tours will be done in the Future


Transforming the Delivery of Care.


Olivia, an intelligent platform who turns documents into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost, so companies can focus more time acting on the information rather than compiling it.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud costs. Are you concerned about unexpected increased cloud spending, managing multiple cloud solutions, and what licensing routes to choose?

We innovate

thought Analytics and AI solutions, including Governance and Cost Optimization in the Cloud.

Our Products

1. Innovation

Every idea, product or service starts with something new. Let's do some progress to keep competitive.

2. Consulting

& Planning

First step - define solution. The areas/scenarios to grow your business.

4. Products

& Solutions

Automating information extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Product Recommendations, Predictive Sales, Inventory Forecast, Knowledge Insights, Lead Generation, Remote Assistance.

3. Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, and Mixed Reality.

5. Cloud

Cost strategy. Our vision and planning includes governance and cost optimization.

The Magic Process

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